Fraud Text Alers

We're watching out for you

Fraud specialists are monitoring your account 24/7, using sophisticated tools to catch any suspicious activity. Should we notice anything that is unusual, we will contact you immediately to determine if there are unauthorized actions associated with your account.

Real-time Fraud Text Alerts

When you sign up for fraud text alerts, we will send you alerts directly to your mobile phone. Fraud text alerts can help you prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring on your card. Enrolling is easy and this service is free.* 

It’s simple. 

  • When a suspicious transaction occurs, a text message is sent to the mobile device you listed at the time of enrollment. 
  • Reply “N” confirming that none of the listed transactions were fraud, and all of the purchases were made by you. Or reply “Y” to notify Collabria that the listed transactions were not purchases that you made.  
  • If you indicated that the transactions were not fraud, your card will continue to be available for use. If the transaction is unrecognized, we will block usage of your credit card unless we hear from you that the transaction was authorized.
  • If the transaction is confirmed as fraudulent, we may re-issue your account and send you a new card.

*Standard text messaging rates apply.

Chip and PIN technology adds another layer of protection to your account. 

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