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Discover the 2 options available to you as a Business cardholder to manage your credit card accounts digitally, according to your needs:

  • CardWise Online and Mobile is a simple, secure digital card management solution designed to support the day-to-day account management needs for your business card account. Available as a mobile app and an online platform, CardWise enables you to manage your credit card account at your fingertips or on a laptop of desktop computer. CardWise is currently only available in English. A French version will roll out during the fall of 2023. 

  • MyCardInfo is a secure online platform that supports the administrative needs of your business account.  MyCardInfo (MCI) lets you make payments, access e-statements, and check your rewards points anytime.

CardWise online and mobile are designed to support cardholders who use their card for day-to-day personal needs such as transaction monitoring, customization of controls and alerts, keeping a close eye on their spending habits and trends, and more. 

The more complex administrative needs of some Business cardholders, such as Consolidated Pay accounts that require control account payments and sub-account monitoring, are best being continued on MyCardInfo.  

  • Consolidated pay is a billing structure for business accounts that centralizes billing and payments under a single Authorized Business Representative Control Account. Under this structure, the business employee cardholders share credit limits and accumulated balances. The Authorized Business Representative receives consolidated statements and makes payments directly to their Control Account. 
  • Individual pay is a billing structure for business accounts that offers individual cardholder billing and payments for each registered business cardholder. Like a Consolidated Pay structure, the business shares a credit limit among all cardholders, but the company account instead accumulates the outstanding balance of each cardholder in real-time. Each cardholder under this structure receives their own billing statement and makes payments directly to their individual cardholder account. 

  • View your account details at a glance, including balance and recent transactions 

  • Customize card controls and alerts within a variety of categories – location, region, merchant category, merchant type, and more. 

  • Push card details to Apple Pay or Google Pay from within the App 

  • View your card details for eCommerce transactions (this includes your card number, expiration, and CVV) all within the platform securely using step-up authentication. 

  • View enriched transaction details and history. 

Business cardholders on an Individual pay structure, can register for and experience all features and benefits of CardWise. 

Unsure if your Business account is on an Individual pay or Consolidated pay structure? Give us a call at 1.855.341.4643 24/7 to learn more. 

Two Ways to Access: 

  • CardWise Online:  

  • CardWise Mobile: download the CardWise app from your phone’s app store 

CardWise is currently only available in English. A French version will roll out during the fall of 2023. 

MyCardInfo lets you check your rewards points, make payments, and access e-Statements anytime. With MyCardInfo, you have secure online access to your account when you need it. 

  • View your current balance and available credit 

  • Track, manage and redeem your rewards 

  • View card transaction history 

  • Dispute a suspicious transaction 

  • Set up automatic monthly payments 

  • Make a one-time card payment 

  • Sign up for paperless e-Statements 

  • Sign up for fraud alerts 

  • Alert us when you’ll be travelling or when you expect unusual volume of card activity 

How to access MyCardInfo?

  1. Go to 
  2. Type the name of your financial institution on the search bar
  3. Log in to your MyCardInfo account

Have questions about your CardWise experience as a Business cardholder? Consult our Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Personal cardholder?

For more information on the digital account management features available for your card, visit or