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Introducing CardWise, a digital account management platform that lets you manage your credit cards with security and ease. 

Two Ways to Access: 

  • CardWise Online:  

  • CardWise Mobile: download the CardWise app from your phone’s app store 

We are currently in the process of moving cardholders from MyCardInfo to CardWise. 

CardWise is currently only available in English. A French version will roll out during the fall of 2023. 

The smart move for your credit card

Collabria is excited to launch CardWise to our partners’ cardholders in 2023. As we continue our phased rollout, cardholders can continue to use MyCardInfo to manage their credit card accounts. CardWise is currently only available in English. A French version will roll out during the fall of 2023

MyCardInfo lets you check your rewards points, make payments, and access e-Statements anytime. With MyCardInfo, you have secure online access to your account when you need it. 

  • View your current balance and available credit 

  • Track, manage and redeem your rewards 

  • View card transaction history 

  • Dispute a suspicious transaction 

  • Set up automatic monthly payments 

  • Make a one-time card payment 

  • Sign up for paperless e-Statements 

  • Sign up for fraud alerts 

  • Alert us when you’ll be travelling or when you expect unusual volume of card activity 

How to access MyCardInfo?

  1. Go to 
  2. Type the name of your financial institution on the search bar
  3. Log in to your MyCardInfo account

Want to learn more about the features and benefits of CardWise, and how to set up your CardWise account?

Have questions about your CardWise experience as a Personal cardholder? Consult our Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Business cardholder?

For more information on the digital account management features available for your card, visit or