Changing Your PIN

You have two options to change or update your PIN:

  1. Use the PIN Now service by calling 1.844.788.2725 to change your pin. Cardholders will receive a PIN mailer within days of receiving their new credit card in the mail. The PIN mailer will include the PIN Now phone number.
    • To activate your new PIN, you have two choices:
      • Visit any merchant to make a transaction. When you first use your card to make a purchase, you will be required to enter your new PIN three times to trigger your PIN activation. The first time you enter your PIN, the machine will advise that your PIN is invalid. You must repeat this step two more times. On the third time, the PIN will be authorized and your transaction will be approved. As part of the approval process, you may be asked by the merchant to provide a signature on the sales slip. Your new PIN will then be activated. Please note: the PIN will not be activated if the transaction is a TAP transaction. It must be done as a normal PIN entered transaction at a merchant terminal.
      • Visit any ATM and perform a cash advance.  
  2. If your credit union participates in THE EXCHANGE® network  you may select and activate a new PIN at any ATM displaying THE EXCHANGE network logo. Upon insertion of your card, you will be asked to enter your existing PIN. Please enter the PIN. You will then be presented with a screen with the PIN change option on it. Select this option and follow the prompts to complete the PIN change process.