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Classic Mastercard®

Credit card convenience. Simple, easy and smart.

For simple use and savings, the Classic Mastercard is the choice for you. It keeps everything easy: a low annual fee, a low interest rate, and basic purchase protection. The only decision you’ll need to make is what to buy.

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Card Benefits

  • Annual Fee: $30.00
  • Interest Rate: 11.90%
  • Zero Liability Fraud Protection1
  • Purchase Protection & Extended Warranty2
  • Mobile Device Insurance2
  • Mastercard Benefits


Whether you’re buying electronics, appliances or any other major purchase, you want to make sure you’re protected if something goes wrong.  The Classic Mastercard adds an extra layer of protection for most of the items you buy.

  • 90 days purchase protection on purchases made with your card1
  • Double the manufacturer’s warranty (up to one year) on your purchases made with your card1
  • Mobile Device Insurance1

Click 1here for complete details of coverage.

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There are currently no special offers on the Classic Mastercard.

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