2024 Recurring Payments and Subscriptions Offer

Spring is the perfect time to stream your favourite shows, podcasts and more – and earn up to 50% more points!

Earn up to 50% more Flex Rewards points* for every $1 you spend on digital streaming, subscriptions, and recurring payments between April 15 and May 31, 2024. That’s in addition to the points you already earn!

Manage your payments with security and ease with CardWise

CardWise is a digital account management platform that let’s you manage your credit card with simplicity and ease. Registration is quick and easy; get started with CardWise Online (cardwiseonline.ca) or by downloading the CardWise Mobile App.

Did you know you can see where your credit card is saved as a “card on file” with CardWise? This feature helps you keep tabs on all the merchants where you have stored your card for convenient one-time payments and recurring charges! Just login to your CardWise account via cardwiseonline.ca or through the CardWise Mobile app and click the “Card On File” option from the navigation menu.

Click the following links to learn more: How to register for CardWise | Payments and Autopay | Spend Insights | Others

Set up recurring payments for streaming, telecommunications, or utilities services today, and get more reward points!