MasterCard Benefits

Along with the convenience of acceptance nearly everywhere around the world, your Mastercard includes a wide range of built-in benefits.

Zero Liability      

Shop with complete confidence – online or in stores.

You’re only responsible for purchases you’ve authorized on your Mastercard account.

Mastercard Global Services

Mastercard Global Service helps you with reporting a lost or stolen card.

  • Lost/Stolen Card Reporting — Lost or stolen credit cards can be a major source of fraud. But you can help protect your account against fraud by promptly reporting the theft or loss of your Mastercard.

Canada and U.S.: 1.855.341.4643

International Collect: 1.647.252.9564

3D Secure

Online shopping is more popular than ever, and 3D Secure gives you an extra layer of protection. 

3D Secure works in the background to determine the authenticity of an online shopper. It uses information like, IP addresses, time-of-day, location, device ID and other elements to verify an online shopper is actually the cardholder linked to the credit card account. 

There is no requirement to register, enroll or sign-up for 3D Secure. Everything works automatically, making your online shopping experience as seamless as possible.

Mastercard Contactless

Breeze through checkout faster with Mastercard contactless payments. Simply wave your Mastercard in front of a secure reader and you’ll be on your way. No need to swipe. No need to sign. No worries about paying with cash.

Not a Cardholder? 

Apply online and take advantage of these great benefits!