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Visa Business Tools

Visa SavingsEdge: The program offers a convenient way for all Visa Business Cardholders to receive discounts on qualifying purchases at participating merchants by receiving discounts in the form of statement credit on their Visa Business card accounts, rather than using coupons and codes. 

To register and learn more about Visa SavingsEdge, click here.

Visa Spend Clarity: A web-based reporting solution providing summary and transaction-level reporting that is designed to be secure and easily accessible by Visa Business Cardholders.  Provides a comprehensive set of graphical dashboards and standardized reports that transform card transaction data into business intelligence for small businesses.  Visa Spend Clarity is exclusively for Visa Infinite Business Cardholders only.

To register and learn more about Visa Spend Clarity, click here.

Visa Payment Control (VPC):  A simple to use web application that allows business owners to define spending controls for their employees’ Visa Business credit cards.  The business owner can customize each employee’s card to control where, when and how it is used.  This tool supports a wide range of authorization blocking such as spend limits, cash access, geographic locations, merchant categories, and time of day.  Visa Payment Control is exclusively for Visa Infinate Business Cardholders only.

To register and learn more about Visa Payment Control (VPC), click here.